New method of Shogi notation

This new notation system is intended to be very close to the standard Japanese notation, without requiring notators to be able to write Japanese characters.

Each move consists of up to five parts, optional parts written in parentheses:

  1. (Move number or side)
  2. Destination
  3. Piece
  4. (Disambiguation)
  5. (Promotion)

Move number or side

A move may be preceded by a move number (with a period and space after), or a player symbol (☗/▲ Black, ☖/△ White). Doing both is not necessary, since Black always makes odd moves and White even moves. (Each individual move is numbered, unlike chess notation.)


Squares are named with two Arabic numerals, file followed by rank, White's left corner being 11, and Black's left corner 99.

If a piece captures the piece that just moved, its destination square is replaced with the ditto mark: 〃.


Piece abbreviations are written in romanized Japanese, as follows:

Abbreviation Alias Piece name (Japanese) Piece name (English) Graphic
gy gyoku 玉将 gyokushō king black king
kin 金将 kinshō gold general black gold general
hi 飛車 hisha rook black rook
kk kaku 角行 kakugyō bishop black bishop
gin 銀将 ginshō silver general black silver general
kei 桂馬 keima knight black knight
kyo 香車 kyōsha lance black lance
fu 歩兵 fuhyō pawn black pawn
ryu 龍王 ryūō rook-ferz (dragon) black rook-ferz
uma 龍馬 ryūme bishop-wazir (horse) black bishop-wazir
+gin 成銀 narigin promoted silver black promoted silver
+kei 成桂 narikei promoted knight black promoted knight
+kyo 成香 narikyō promoted lance black promoted lance
to +fu と金 tokin promoted pawn black promoted pawn


Conventions for disambiguation are as follows:


Promotion is indicated by +. Deferred promotion is indicated by =.


Captures are not noted, other than those implied by the 〃 convention. Drops are only noted if ambiguous. Check is not noted. The game's end is noted like so:

1-0Black wins, through White's resignation if not otherwise noted.
0-1White wins, through Black's resignation if not otherwise noted.
½-½Sennichite or jishōgi occurred.


An example to illustrate the notation, and when disambiguation is and isn't used. The top right corner of the board from Black's point of view is seen, as is the yellow row representing his pieces in hand.

black promoted pawn 1
black promoted pawn 2
black silver general black promoted pawn black silver general 3
black silver generalblack pawn
Standard Japanese Hosking Sassersson
2二と引 +P21-22 22to↓
2二と寄 +P12-22 22to←
2二と上 +P23-22 22to↑
2二銀左成 S33-22+ 22gin↗+
2二銀右不成 S13-22= 22gin↖=
2二銀打 S'22 22gin□
2二歩 P'22 22fu

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