The below are rules for Mulle, a two-deck variant of Swedish Casino taught to me by my grandmother. There is, as far as I know, no fixed number of players.

Two 52-card decks are flushed together, five cards are dealt to each player, and five are laid face up on the table. Once all the dealt cards have been played, five more are dealt to each player, and so it continues until the deck is exhausted. (For the last round of cards, there may be an uneven amount of cards dealt to each player; for example, in a four-player game, the dealer will get just four cards in the last round, and the third player in turn makes the last play.)

Play proceeds as in Swedish Casino, with the exception that mullar may be scored. A mulle occurs when a card captures its twin, for instance 4♥ capturing 4♥. Other cards may not be captured together with a mulle. Captured cards are laid in two piles: one for sweeps (face up) and mullar (face down), and one for other cards.

At the end of a hand, each player scores as follows:

The player with most points wins, be it after a certain number of deals or after reaching a certain target score.


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